Monday, January 4, 2021

Stepping Forward Into 2021

Sorry I'm late with this, but first and foremost I want to wish all of my readers a very very happy New Year .  The way 2020 has gone happy New Year because it's got to be better than the old one.  So let's get right down to it.

Nearly $6,000. That's the amount of money I have made from poker, both live and online, since I moved to Las Vegas and started keeping track in 2016. 5 years and $6,000 and not a single dime to show for it. The obvious question would be "Earnings of $6,000 where is the money??" There is one word which completely explains it. Spend, spend, spend. Over the last 5 years years that is what I have continually done. It was spending it very frivolously and recklessly. It would be one thing if I had to use it for medication as an example, but that was not the case. In years past mostly being on the Fremont Street Experience or on the Strip. This year the majority of it was more food delivery orders is than I can possibly account for or for groceries, but the only reason I needed to spend the bankroll for groceries was because I was using a portion of my food budget for food delivery orders like pizzas and Burgers & Subs and anything else you can think of. It's all connected together. It has been pretty much just spending the money on whatever I wanted and that is why 5 years later I don't have anything to show for it.

This next question might be "Only $6,000 in 5 years that's not exactly a huge profit for a poker player. This is also true, and that is due in part to the spend, spend, spend, that I have done over the last five years because when you do that you cannot build up a bankroll which allows you to play higher tournament buy-ins more consistently and regularly which returns higher rewards when you're consistently keeping a bankroll of less than $1,000 and often times considerably less. These are not excuses these are simply reasons, but as we head into 2021 I am going to do my damn best to make these reasons nonexistent going forward.

Poker Resolutions

1. No Spending Poker Money Excapt For Meds

I already said it all. Nearly $6,000 and nothing to show for it. My blood thinner costs me $110 for a 3-month prescription and then the final 3 month prescription cost $220 so I will spend poker earnings on this, but come hell or high water I will not be spending my poker bankroll or profits on anything else. This is definitely my number one poker resolution.

2. Play Tournaments Only Online

This blog is called Tournament Trails and is supposed to be dedicated to my adventures in playing tournaments, but for some reason I get into this habit where I try to play cash games. I don't even like cash games so why do I play them. Usually it's because I'm running cold and I'm trying to find an outlet to even things out, but my skills, such as they are, are definitely tournament based. Playing cash Games Live is another matter. When people from the Twitter poker community come to town and want to get together for a cash-game nothing wrong with that and when this mask thing is over and done with I may even hopefully be playing some Omaha Hi-Lo limit cash games live, but as far as online I'm going to try to stay with tournaments only. 

3. Keep Absolute Constant Accurate Poker Record Keeping

This one does not need much of an explanation. A bad habit I have is deleting the records and statistics and reinitiating them usually because I have not been doing all that well, but let's face it that is not what I'm supposed to do. Let the record show what the record shows, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

4. Play At Least 260 Days Of At Least 6 Hours A Day In 2021

Personal Resolutions

1. No Food Delivery Orders More Than Once A Month

I was going to try this for no delivery orders for a year but a good friend of mine suggested that I go into this a little more slowly and he's absolutely correct so I'm shooting for no more than once a month which will still save me tons of money throughout the year.

2. Be under 300 lbs By The End Of The Year

3. Build Up Available Balances On All Credit Cards

So stepping forward into 2021 the first and foremost thing is that I have decided is to start the year off, hopefully end of the year, and play all the time in between, grinding tournaments on ACR. I played some on ACR during 2020 and quite frankly between here and WSOP this is the only place I actually showed a profit on, but that's not even the main reason I have decided to make hopefully the permanent switch. The cost of the tournament buy-ins make it so much easier to play within my personal established bankroll management rules not to mention the tournament selection within my buy-in range makes it also a great option. The only thing that can be somewhat irritating is the Bitcoin fees but these can be reduced to the minimum needed simply by depositing what I need to get me started for 2021 and withdrawing with only deep run hits. Playing here on ACR with their tournament selection will make it a lot easier to keep my poker resolution about not playing cash games online.

The first few days of January I was forced to take 2 days off. Not exactly how I wanted to start things off, but it has been a day shy of 3 months since my last cortisone shots and I am due for them again and torturous pain in the right shoulder forced me to take the second and third of January off. I played 7 tournaments on the 1st and walked away with total tournament earnings of $0.44. Please please keep down the applause. It was pretty pathetic that the rakeback for that day of $0.63 was higher than the tournament earnings, but hey any when is better than any loss. The following is my schedule to start the year out. Obviously this will change as the year progresses hopefully for the better with consistently higher buy-ins. 

$2.20 NLH $800 Gtd

$3.30 NLH $3k Gtd 8-Max

$3.30 NLH $1200 Gtd 8-Max

$2.75 NLH $2.5K Gtd

$4.40 NLH $2k Gtd

$3.30 NLH $2k Gtd

$6.60 NLH $6k Gtd

$16.50 PLO8 (Thursday Morning Only)

$1.65 NLH $1500 Gtd

The first 5 are definite staples of my online grind on days that I play. The 6th and 7th tournaments listed, the $3.30 and $6.60 NLH tournaments will be decided on a day-by-day basis. My first tournament starts at 9:30 a.m. and those two don't start until 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. respectively which makes for some very long days. The $16.50 PLO8 will still keep me within my own personal bankroll management or close enough to it anyway, at least to start off with, which states to maintain 200 average buy-ins in my bankroll, however even if my bankroll were to fall below that those first 5 would still be played. The last one listed is a 6:15 a.m. tournament and quite frankly that will only be played on nights that I pull an all-nighter for whatever reason.

So that wraps this one up. Although I didn't list it as a resolution I am going to try to post a blog entry at least twice a month. Here's hoping to a much better 2021 than 2020 was, but I am the optimistic type and I foresee a much better future for all of us. Until next time take care and be well and as always stay safe my friends and opponents. 

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